When I first started this website I did not have an idea or a clue about how to go about a website the name just popped in my head and I wanted it to be an affiliate website.

As the years rolled I realize that fashion can really be anything, fashion changes and a new one comes in, just like bitcoin and other coins.

Affiliate marketing to me was easy I just signed up to any offer that looks good and posted my affiliate¬†links and waited and waited…

As I get to know the business I realize that posting links is not the way to get an income at all, I have to get to know the business and work the business to get noticed.

Each day we are on the WWW/computer and we browse and we browse and never get paid for it but since recently things have changed.

There is a new browser in town call the Crypto browser and it does pay to browse, you can try this browser here:

This incredible browser is high-speed and allows you to do your own minting with its mining algorithm built with it. It is 8 times faster than most browsers.

Give this browser a try, do what it says, DOWNLOAD, INSTALL AND ACTIVATE from your email address. I have been minting and can’t wait till I reach my level 2 by doing what others are doing with this Crypto browser to get me there fast.. I use my browser on Facebook and other social media networks and that’s where we all are most of the times. AM I RIGHT!

Our mining network can grow fast as well as our earnings? My intention is not to force but the minting industry is real and we all should have some or lots of it. So here is your chance to START NOW…TODAY!


Other fashions in the industry: