5 watch styles everyone enthusiast should have


Watch is an essential part of a man’s life. We wear it for different occasion and in daily life. Every professional or veteran needs a timepiece all the time. Spending on a watch may not seem as a good decision in the presence of advanced smartphones but today’s watches have additional features to offer rather than just telling time. They give men a classy look and helps in building their personality and character. If you’re wearing a wristwatch then everyone will perceive you as a punctual and proactive human being.

Watches of multiple styles are available in the market. When you decided to buy a watch, the first question that comes into mind is what style suits you.

Don’t be the one who buys on impulse and later find out that

  1. It doesn’t fit perfectly on your wrist.

  2. It was overpriced

  3. The metal or body of the watch is fake

  4. The watch you bought is a replica of a luxury brand.

These are all the terrible things that can happen when you go for shopping without any information or knowledge about watches. In this blog, we’ll share some useful information that will help you decide a perfect watch for yourself.

Dress Watch

The main purpose of a dress watch is to wear along with a business suit or formal wear. Dress watches are not concerned with timekeeping as most dress watches do not have a second hand. The most important feature of a dress watch is its simplicity. They have Arabic or Roman numerals and designed to fits perfectly to the wearer’s wrist.

A dress watch should be thin enough to slip in and out from the cuff of a dress shirt comfortably. The metal and leather of watch should match the color of your shoes and belt.

Field Watch

Field watches were made for those who are most concerned about time like athletes, chemists, engineers, doctors etc. A field watch is designed to easily read the time even in the night or low light condition. these were made from strong material with good stainless steel coating.


Chronographs are special watches with multiple secondary dials that can also perform the functions of a stopwatch. These watches are ideal for weekends and sports activities. It has sweep second hand which can start, paused and returned to zero. Chronographs are designed to measure seconds, minutes hours or even 1/10th of a second.

Dive Watches

When you are diving hundreds of feet underwater, you need to have an accurate timekeeping device. The situation can become catastrophic if your watch goes wrong especially when you’re diving with a limited supply of air. Therefore, divers always prefer superior timepieces which help them to keep a record of the time and are capable enough to bear water pressure of hundreds of feet underwater

Dive watches have a specific silicon or rubber band which is resistant against corrosion. Also, they have a hardened mineral glass which is resistant to breakage underwater. These watches have a comparatively larger band that can easily fit over bulky swimming equipment.

Smart Watches

Smartwatches are ideal for gym enthusiasts and athletes. these are highly efficient in measuring heart rate, calorie intake, calories burnt and other important measures that are useful for fitness freaks. These digital watches come with multiple features that makes them suitable for every man, like Wi-Fi connectivity, Messaging, Camera and making Phone calls. They also have a vast storage option and enable users to download multiple apps that can synchronize with your mobile phone.